Panic Candy EP

by Panic Candy

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Debut EP from Massachusetts' Panic Candy. Prepare to rage.

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Twitter: @canicpandy


released December 23, 2010

nick diminico- vocals, drums
nunzio dibenedetto- vocals, guitar
dan evans- vocals, bass
dave doucette- vocals



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Panic Candy Massachusetts

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Track Name: The Amphetamine Falcon
Ride daughters and wives, lovers and brides
Ride daughters of wives, children don't cry
Just ride
Let the clydesdales out the stable, surely they'll survive
Oh what a kind device
Precision, action, pride
My arms stretch wide
You won't outride
So the bears won't have to wait for the meal I've left today
In half, the load your back bears, cut in half
She is cut in half
I'll string debris along the way home
On the way home
I'll string along
Track Name: Rabid Pumpkin Shelter
All of the kids to the back of the classroom
Door must be locked, windows are crosshairs
All of the kids to the back of the classroom
No heroes welcome, your will to be broken
All of the kids to the back of the classroom
You can live in fear
I won't keep my eyes to the ground
Fight them as they come
Fuck them if they can't take a joke
Lest you spend your years chained scribing on the chalkboard
White lines on black lies
The classic tale of when they came
The classic tale of when the aliens ate your brain
The classic tale of when they came
It's pathetic
It's so pathetic
You'd learn to feel if you'd learn to deal
Impulses arrested, on your grave i'll spit
Track Name: Drunk and Half a Million Out
We've all got skeletons locked behind these doors
and my legs are tired from running off cliffs trying to learn to fly
I've made my mistakes; I've got my regrets
What are yours?
Feel the sky inside every bone of mine
Shake, quiver
Never seen the moon quite this close to here
Bright, so bright
Carry on the tide, lift the ocean high
Light the sky
Enjoy the last seraphim
Perched upon a hidden limb
Performing art’s become a sin
Lets be birds in bees bodies
Nurse, please help me breathe
Track Name: Expressway Dodgeball
What's left of saved souls feed on trees felled
Casting shadows haunting all who walk through
This place speaks of the deceased
Secrets possess no entry
Forging a false parable
A revenant within walls
And you led them
But they deceived you
(Not in the least bit)
Disenchanted forest home to ghosts of lover's past
What stories have you of your bark
covered in initialed hearts
Cold hands, dead stares
There's ghosts in the walls
Cold hands, dead stares
They're staring at me
Cold hands, dead stares
I'm falling out
Cold hands, dead stares
Of my own skin
As the epileptic shock hits me, I can feel what you can’t see
Even trees breathe
Don't tell me whats wrong with me
Track Name: Hawaiian Shirt Day in the Trauma Ward
Still I lie on the floor
Circle the beam, just can't stop
Minutes to seconds, nothing's on the clock
Exit doors to the right, there's gum in the lock
Frozen time slowly melting, to leave is compelling
I've got nothing left to say
We're calling on you, recognize
My words are failing misconstrued
They go unheard on every fucking station
Filled with static and distress
Give up on trying to reach for anyone or anything
There's just no help for the yelling in my head
Stay away
Its not the same
Track Name: Kansas Dance Horse
Watch the flames climbing high
Turn your back, chase the sky
Landmines mistake horses for cavalry
Not a hint of solace in the air we breathe
We've sunk too deeply into dirt
We've lost the bullets for our guns
Phantom arms flailing
At the smoke inside our lungs
Keep on running, sundown’s coming
Back alley business
This is a racket that you’re funding
Inhaling madness, eyes roll back
Shiver, concede
Purple, green, lucid dream
Electric landscapes surge through me
Reflect, eject
Game point, match set
Illiterate wordsmiths scribe my tale
Mislead, misread
We've lost our voice
Gamble not, gamble not with the life you lead
It’s too good, too good to want to leave